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What can I wrap with vinyl films?

vehicle vinyl wraps

The short answer is; anything having virtually any shape that the vinyl will stick to!

Now, onto the long answer. These car wraps started out as architectural vinyl films doing both interior and exterior areas on structures and furniture. One day somebody had the very bright idea to try it on a car. The rest is history and a whole new way of accessorizing and beautifying your cherished ride and those of others’.

All of our vinyl films sold can be used on any type of vehicle such as cars, SUVs, trucks, motor bikes, ATV’s, quads, snowmobiles, boats, planes and any other vehicle, whether motorized or not. You can also use it as an “architectural” vinyl wrap to wrap kitchen cabinets, doors (both interior & exterior) and other furniture as well as walls. Since it is a plastic product, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

The current professional grade vinyl films are like a high tech sticker. The material will stretch to better conform to shapes, curves and corners. The material has a “memory” that is a straight even shape the material always goes back to. This means that you can literally scrunch it like a piece of paper into a ball then by straitening it and applying heat the vinyl will go back to its original straight shape without any creases or blemishes. The material can also loose it’s memory once heated at a certain temperature for a certain time period. This actually helps with car wrap installation as it will hold the shape of the vehicle part wrapped and stop the film from pulling back, shrinking away or lifting from the edges. The glue itself is another amazing technology, it has a pattern to it to help remove air bubbles for a completely bubble free install to make it look like the car was painted not wrapped. The glue is also pressure and time sensitive. This means that when you first apply it it does not stick hard and with it’s 100% strength helping you vinyl wrap your car faster and easier. Once you squeegee it on and after a 12 to 24 hour period it will reach its full tack but still remain removable when you want to go back to the original color.

For best results we recommend our Pro-line vinyl films produced by Vvivid (a Canadian manufacturer) or 3M vinyl films. We do prefer our Vvivid vinyl wraps as they are top quality, professional grade costing 30% to over 50% less than the competition such as 3M, Avery, Hexis, Oracal or Arlon. Why pay so much more for the same results and quality? Our economy line is better for straight surfaces (box trucks), architectural applications or where quality and ease of use is not a big concern.

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