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Please note that claim decisions are made together by CWS agents and VViViD techs who are industry professionals.  Contact CWS by email with pictures attached of the problem or via phone to get the process started. Rest assured, all claims are thoroughly researched and documented. Claim decisions are final. VViViD techs are not available on the phone, for an unbiased resolution.  You may also call 1-844-5-VViViD for customer support and help creating a warranty claim.  Please note that customer support agents cannot make claim decisions, they simply create a file and document your issues for the warranty department. Please make sure photographs, videos and information is given in a way that is legible and easy to understand. Claims that are not properly filled may influence the agent to place your claim on hold or disregard it completely.  Any False or fraudulent claims will be immediately disapproved or forwarded to correct authorities. Further legal actions may be taken.

Technical information about VViViD Vinyl products are based upon testing by VViViD Vinyl. These tests are considered to be extremely reliable but does not imply a guarantee or warranty based on this information.  All VViViD Vinyl products purchased are to be used for it’s intended purpose. The purchaser must determine the suitability of the products for his or her intended purpose.

VViViD Vinyl will incur all shipping expenses aimed to fulfill our warranty. This includes original and future shipping costs for replacements and repairs.

Products should be stored vertically in cool, dry area 70 °F (21 °C) and out of direct sunlight.


You must examine each roll or each section you want to cut-off from a larger roll prior to installation. Visible manufacturer defects will be immediately warrantied, no questions asked ( photo-proof required) for vinyl that has not been installed. Installed material is not covered for visible defects. It is your responsibility to check the vinyl before installation for any defects. If the material failure is not visible, we will cover installed material up to 2 panels. ( we understand that you may not see certain defects right away). Remaining materials must be returned for examination prior to refund. VViViD will pay return and/or replacement postage fees in any case that VViViD is found at fault.

1. All VViViD products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects in the material for 2 years after delivery. ( film must be stored properly ). Vinyl will be replaced under warranty.

2. CWS’s and VViViD Vinyl sole obligation under this warranty, expressed or implied, shall be limited to the replacement or repair of the defective product. If repair or exchanged is deemed not practical, CWS shall issue a credit up to the original purchase price.

3. CWS’s and VViViD Vinyl’s Obligation and liability for defective material shall not exceed the original purchase price paid by purchaser.  In no way is CWS and/or VViViD Vinyl liable for any incidental or consequential damages and costs beyond original purchase price, whether as a result of defects in the product or not, whether discovered before or after installation or caused by VViViD Vinyl’s negligence.


1. Adhesive Failure where large portions of glue are separating from material is fully covered by VViViD Vinyl and will be replaced under warranty.  A photo reference and physical sample will be required. This is for installation only, removal is not warranted.

2. Surface failure where shrinkage of the material is deemed excessive ( at the discretion of VViViD Vinyl Officer )  will be replaced under warranty. (Photo reference required).

3. Full Surface failure where lamination is peeling from itself  on most of the vehicle within 2 years will be replaced under warranty. (photo references required).  If this separation is localized in a small area, VViViD Vinyl is not liable.

4. Peeling, bubbling and other installation defects are only covered by warranty for 2 years when installed by a VViViD Vinyl certified installer. Any other individual or company not certified by VViViD Vinyl cannot benefit from this implied guarantee.

VVIVID XPO and VVIVID+ Warranties for Vehicle Wrap Films by Climate.

Understanding statements:

#1. Life Expectancy: The life expectancy displayed on materials is based on raw material data. We do not warrant this term in our guarantee.

#2. Guaranteed Life (warrantied time): This refers to the time (beginning one month after purchase) that the material is covered.

#3. Reduced Warranty: This refers to the guaranteed life of the vinyl ( beginning one month after purchase ) that is reduced due to harsh environments. ( hot, arid desert areas with high heat and UV exposure )


The following zones will reduce warranty by a certain percentage. Please see example below.

(Material: Matte Black – Warranty 4 years. Zone: Arizona = 30%.)  4 years x 30% = warranty of 1.2 years.

Zones with 30% Warranty Coverage:

Due to extreme UV exposure the following zones are covered at 30%.

California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma.

Zones with 50% Warranty Coverage:

Due to extreme UV exposure the following zones are covered at 50%.

Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississipi, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, South Carolina, North Carolina.


There is no warranty for Economy line products.


Click on this link: Warranty information starts on page 4.