Large Sample 1.52m*0.3m


Try the vinyl before you commit!

Large Samples are ideal for trying out the material. It is a large enough piece to get a feel for installation before committing to a large purchase.

  • Samples are 1,520cm by 30cm in size except for Wood & Marble that are 1,219cm by 30cm
  • Vinyl can’t be used to match car paint colour
  • Vinyl Sample colour may have a slight shade difference from what you get when you buy a roll.
    Vinyl film is made in dye-lots, so each dye-lot can have a little shade difference as they can not be made 100% exact each time.
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Product Information

Because pictures can’t show the exact colour shade of vinyl film and your computer monitor may show colours differently; it is impossible to guarantee the vinyl wrap colours looking 100% realistic and exact on-line. Although we try our best!
Vinyl wrap films are made in colour dye-lots, so no dye-lot from the same colour will be exactly the same shade.
Exact colour shade match of the sample and the vinyl you receive is not guaranteed as it is impossible to do so.
Please read below explanation.
Vinyl wrap films are made in dye-lots (batches). This means that when there is a manufacturing run for a vinyl colour a colour batch is made (mixed) for that run, making it a dye-lot. Each time the same colour is made a new dye-lot is mixed which can never be 100% the same. There are no two dye-lots that are the exact same colour shade, so the same colour may differ less or more from different dye-lots. This also means that the colour swatch you receive will most likely will not be 100% the exact same shade of the colour you receive when you order. This is true for any vinyl irregardless of manufacturer and retailer.

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