Carbon Fiber 3D: Red – interior


This color does not have any UV protection!

Finish/Texture: Matte / Raised Pattern
Thickness: 3.4 mils
Longevity: interior use only, up to 5 years
Adhesive: Air-release, repositionable, slideable, heat & time activated
Application Method: Dry only!
Conformability: Very high
Usage: Interior applications for cars, vehicles, architectural.
Skill level needed for installation: Low

Product Information

  • Also called 3D or Dry Carbon Fiber by manufacturers & distributors.
  • Textured matte finish.
  • Realistic raised Carbon Fiber texture. You can feel the texture with your fingers.
  • Same pro quality, look & feel and ease of use like 3M Carbon Fiber & Avery Carbon Fiber at half the price!
  • The superb quality of the glue offers complete repositionability.
  • The XPO adhesive centerpoint technology was developed to give the film easy repositionability and bubble free installation. The Air release liner also makes XPO films one of the most reliable vinyls on the market.
  • Interior application only. Great for car or other vehicle interiors and architectural applications.
  • Marine safe vinyl wrap film; can be used on interior parts.
  • Suitable for architectural applications like kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, walls, desks and other furniture.
  • Every roll is shipped in a strong CORE TUBE to limit damage.

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